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I highly recommend taking a stroll through this page, even if it seems like a snooze-fest. Here’s where I spill the beans on everything you need to know about our relationship, whether you’re a client, subscriber, product enthusiast, freebie downloader, or just casually cruising this website. Let’s get some things straight between us!

These terms and conditions extend to the primary webpage as well as any additional pages created by Crown Realty Services explicitly stating their incorporation into this website.


A user encompasses anyone exploring the website, entering its pages or sections. By merely accessing and/or utilizing this website, you—representing the user at this moment—acknowledge and agree to abide by the specified terms and conditions.

If the user intends to avail themselves of any services offered on the website, mandatory compliance with the hiring policies is requisite.

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Drop us a line at contact@crownrealtyservices.com. If snail mail is more your style, feel free to send us a letter to the address listed in the footer of this website.

Here’s how you can use our website:

By browsing our website, you agree that it is solely for learning, reading, understanding, and discovering purposes. Under no circumstances may the content be copied, digitally or in print, nor shared as your own. All content is the property of Crown Realty Services and is protected by national and international copyright laws. Additionally, it is registered on the Safe Creative® platform, updating each time new content is published, which is daily. Please be mindful of this, as in case of finding our content on other accounts, we will take appropriate legal action.

As a user, you assume the responsibility of using this website appropriately and agree to refrain from the following:

Engaging in comments or sharing content or proselytism that is religious, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, promotes terrorism, or violates human or civil rights in any way.

Damaging the site in any way, whether by introducing viruses, spamming, or leaving offensive or malicious comments, as well as those that are seen as outside the bounds of social or legal order. Manipulating messages or using other people’s email addresses.

Crown Realty Services retains the authority to delete comments that undermine human dignity, exhibit discrimination, xenophobia, racism, or contain pornographic material. Moreover, comments endangering youth or childhood, public order, or safety, or deemed unsuitable for publication by Crown Realty Services, will be removed. However, we do not hold responsibility for users’ opinions expressed through any opinion tool on the website, as altering people’s perspectives is beyond our control.

Technical measures

Crown Realty Services has taken steps to ensure the website’s security, aiming to prevent any potential harm, such as errors in content, website unavailability, or the transmission of viruses or malicious software that could affect user data. While we strive to maintain these protective measures, we cannot be held responsible if they are circumvented or compromised due to improper or abusive actions by third parties.

Users are expected to respect and refrain from tampering with any protective features or security systems implemented on the website.


Crown Realty Services retains the right to make necessary modifications to the website without prior notice. These changes may involve adjusting, removing, or adding content, services, and the presentation style of the website. Additionally, modifications may extend to pricing, service delivery methods, and product offerings, whether digital or physical, that are sold, may be sold or given away through the website.

Links on this website

Crown Realty Services cannot control the external links and content found on the website. Therefore, we cannot guarantee their technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, comprehensiveness, truthfulness, or validity. The presence of these external links does not imply any association, merger, collaboration, or participation with the owners or administrators of the linked domains unless explicitly stated. In simpler terms, if a link we provide breaks, changes content, or redirects unexpectedly, it’s beyond our control. However, if you encounter any issues, we appreciate you letting us know at hola@crownrealtyservices.com.

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